by Sr Judith Thackray

[In the] Source of Being is the satisfaction of all desire. —Fr Bede Griffiths

Shantivanam Oblate Ceremonyflower


Wisdom tells me
I am nothing.
Love tells me I
am everything.
Between these two
banks, the river
of my life flows.

— Nisargadatta Maharaj

Prayer to Mother Jesus

I bear witness to the Universal Christ.
I believe in the manifesting potential of
Divine Love. Guide me Mother Jesus!

I have full and complete trust in your being
of mercy and compassion.
I know that love is eternal—
neither does it come nor go;
neither does it change from one thing to
another; neither does it pass away.

Be present to me and bless me
with inner self-love;
call to that love within me;
call and awaken in me the constant
remembrance of dwelling in my heart.

May I remember that all being is evolving;
may I remember that all souls are evolving;
heal me and restore me and this suffering
world to its fullness, to its holiness.

Shalom! Salaam! Shanti! Peace!

With prayer to Mother Jesus, I began my puja. I used the elements above left, as symbols of my Interfaith life: the glockenspiel for harmony; the blue dolphin for cooperation; the tree bark bird for interdependence and self-giving; the ceremonial staff and white pelican feather for reflection and the guidance of insight; the drum for the universal heartbeat connecting all to Mother Earth; the wooden bowl of precious stones for the gifts of wisdom and love; the hand woven prayer rug for the gifts of Christian life; and the Om banner for God, Brahman, Supreme Self. I am holding the eagle feather above, which carried my puja offerings and prayers to Creator. I offered flowers, water and food, and the lit candle, to all the Holy Ones that they may be with me, and with all who call on them in the many different ways to God.

Om Namo Yeshua Ma Sarada

Sr Judith Thackray
March 21, 2017

Sister Judith Thackray lives in hermitage in Missouri. She helped found the Interfaith Contemplative Order of Sarada, is a member of the Association of Contemplative Sisters, and an oblate member of Shantivanam Ashram in Tamil Nadu, India. She’s been involved in spiritual life and interfaith facilitation for over 50 years. A former member of The Vedanta Society of Toronto, she was a student of Swami Bhashyananda of the Chicago Vedanta Society. Email Judith at

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