An Appeal for Your Consideration

We at Vedanta West Communications believe American Vedantist is a website and magazine with considerable promise; yet, as the years pass, we still need help. We send complimentary copies of the print edition to more than 50 individuals and Vedanta centers (official and unofficial) in this country and elsewhere. Heads of Vedanta Centers, and some Center libraries, always receive a copy. We do not want to impose the cost of these unpaid subscriptions on our regular subscribers, which would result in an unnecessarily high subscription price.

Therefore, we need donations, to subsidize the free copies and support the cost of the website. We invite you to join us in this enterprise by sending a little extra—whatever you can afford—to cover printing and mailing costs. In time, we expect to build our circulation to the point where American Vedantist can handle these added costs. Until then, please help as you are able.