This Yearning

Sep 16, 2020 | Articles, Issue 77 | 1 comment

by Katherine C.

Photo by Michael Herren

This yearning—is it in my heart? (Yes) Or is it something else? (No) It burns—strongly—ever more strongly. Who but You, Lord, could quench this burning in my heart? Who but You could still the turmoil felt deep within? There is a stirring of waters deep—who but You has the power to still and quiet these turbulent waters? Who but You commands elements seen and unseen? Who but You has power and authority to speak but one Word and Infinity responds? Who or What are You? You cannot be seen but neither are You unseen. You cannot be held but yet everything is held within You. Tears overflow as I yearn for You. Why do I fear You? Is it because I know not Your perfect love? Is it due to Your ineffability beyond what I can comprehend? 

Come to me, draw me unto and into You. Reveal Yourself to me. Whisper to my heart that I may be glad and rejoice. Lay Your cool hand upon my forehead to quench the fever I feel for You. You are the waters that satiate me—the hunger and thirst; my appetite for You is ravenous. I am as a starved one—waiting for the feast. I am as a parched desert—waiting for the rains. You are the feast, You are the rains, You are the waters and the cool breezes. You are the tempest. You are the clouds. Alone, You are All in All. Inexplicable yet delectable. Come, Lord, fill me to overflowing. Prepare and purify this heart and mind to receive You. Be swift, my Lord, my Love, do not delay! I wait on You expectantly as a mother for her child. These are the pains of labour before the sweet fruit of joy is delivered and received. You are the jewels I desire to wear—worthy of every effort.

Selah Selah. Selah.

Katherine C: is like an old castle full of stories untold waiting to be discovered. Katherine expresses her thoughts and emotions, inspirations and insights through poems. She loves her children, animals, nature and God. Living, loving and writing from her heart somewhere over the rainbow in Middle Georgia, she can be reached at

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  1. All of this, YES. Me too!! I can’t even concentrate, my heart, my soul, my thoughts are worlds away held in the Hands of ONE! Come Lord Jesus!!


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