By Richard Simonelli

When you look into a microscope
you are looking for you.

When you look through a telescope
far out into the universe,
you are still looking for you.

And when you share your knowledge with colleagues
or with society at large,
you are simply finding yourself in compassion.

Science unearths fact—
brilliant fact,
hard-won fact,
clever and cunning factual

But all the facts in the world do not express truth.
Something unseen, intangible, and non-material
must knit facts together
before there is truth,
before there is meaning,
or before there is wellness and healing.

You are the unseen reality
needed to knit facts together into meaning and healing.

You in self-surrender,
You in your openhearted compassion,
You in your caring and peaceful intention,
You in your silence,
and in your wordless love.

Youless You
Hail to thee, divine metaphor,
You, youless You!
Seeking You, I find me,
You and me, un-separate!

RICHARD SIMONELLI is a writer-editor working in alliance with the Native American community in North America. He studied both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and is now a participant in Contemplative Vedanta as a member of the Interfaith Contemplative Order of Sarada.

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