by Russell Atkinson

Avidly watching the external show,
we do not know we do not know,
and so, within ignorance seek to find,
release from the shackles that bind,
as gripped by pincers in god’s hand,
and beaten on time’s anvil
till we understand
that we know nothing as it really is
and every piece of science won,
is no sooner grasped or done, and more,
becomes apart of the ancient store
of the ignorance that gave it birth.
Scientists, the clever and the wise,
most arvelous reasons, causes,
and purposes devise,
and with complications, explain why
we are born, breathe, live and die,
and whence this vast mystery came,
(assuming things are understood
when given a Latin name).

Contrary to our intention,
and beyond the scope of our invention,
the more we seek to know,
the greater do the mysteries grow.
The more is known, the less is understood,
fragmented knowledge confusions sow
and bad becomes confused with good.

While information floods the brain
merchants rule and experts reign;
the tower of babble rises high
as mistaken theories reach the sky
and materialism rules the mind
and those we pay to see, are blind.

Nietzsche, from his syphilitic head,
in his wisdom, tells us god is dead,
and authorities of many schools
proclaim all the others fools.
When learned savants argue and come to blows,
where is he who really knows?

RUSSELL ATKINSON, a retired Naturopath and teacher of Hatha and Raja Yoga, is associated with the Ramakrishna Vedanta Societies in Australia. THEAKO@WESTNET.COM.AU

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