by Bill Davis

It doesn't matter

After 43 years of marriage I wanted to live a
Monastic life.
So God in his wisdom placed me in a convent.

Before, I lived with my wife’s critical comments and
Fought with her.
Now I live with the mother superior’s critical comments and
Bow before her.

Question:  Does she take malicious delight in wounding my
Pride  or
Is she filled with compassion, stirring me to grow into the
Humility that will bring me to God?

Well, it doesn’t matter.
Not for me.
I should be grateful that The Mother Superior
With her sharp tongue is pricking me to go forward.
Either way I must learn to walk over this ocean of

I try to have faith in His Holy Name.
It gives the power of

Bill Davis, a disciple of Swami Pavitrananda, came to the Vedanta Society of NY in 1972. After a career as a psychologist, he retired in 2007. Bill now lives at Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely, where he serves as a handyman. He also still offers service at the Vedanta Society of NY. Email Bill at

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