by Russell Atkinson

O to hear Sri Ramakrishna sing!
What supernal joy that would bring,
To see the radiant face with beaming eyes,
As Hari OM! Hari OM Tat Sat he cries.
Devas and apsaras would gather round
Enraptured by His mantra’s sound. 

O to see the Master dance,
In the bliss of samadhi’s trance,
Moving in His magic space,
Flooding all about with grace.

To see the Master sit still as stone,
Sightless eyes seeing God alone,
But radiating joy so deep,
The beauty caused those eyes to weep.

Blessed are their eyes and ears,
That make joyful memories for future years.
Those who saw were thus thrice blessed
To be with a man by God possessed.

Now, long after,
I fancy that I hear their laughter,
See the kirtan singers come,
Hear the vina, cymbals, drum,
Hear them sing OM Sri Kali Ma,
Calling devotees near and far,
To sing and dance with the Master,
Till they could dance no faster,
And bathed in joy sink to the floor,
Drunk with the love the Master bore.

But now, in a distant place and time,
I, wistfully, dream this rhyme.

Russell Atkinson, a retired Naturopath and teacher of Hatha and Raja Yoga, is associated with the Ramakrishna Vedanta Societies in Australia. He can be reached

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