2014 Winter: Approaches to the Divine

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Issue 67

This issue of American Vedantist explores some of the paths that spiritual aspirants have trod in quest of fulfilment. Jon and Anna Monday show how J.D. Salinger’s connection to Vedanta was little known prior to a recent biography that highlights the relationship between his well-known life as a famous writer and his hidden life as a spiritual seeker. Fortunately for us, James Merryman, a much loved long-time devotee of the Vedanta Society of Southern California, left behind records of his mature thoughts on spiritual living which his friends offer as an homage and as an inspiration to other seekers. Bill Davis shares some thoughts on the underlying cause of all our desires and hopes. William Page gives an overview of devotional meditation as taught by the Ramakrishna Order, and Mangesh Buwa outlines how Swami Vivekananda refashioned Vedanta for the modern world.

J/D/ Salinger and Vedanta
by John and Anna Monday

Notes of a Devotee
by James Merryman

All Yearning Is Yearning for God
by Bill Davis

In Praise of Meditation
by William Page

Swami Vivekananda’s Practical Vedanta
by Mangesh Buwa

In Memoriam:Pravrajika Baradaprana (1923—2014)
by The Sisters of Sarada Convent, Santa Barbara, CA

Mother of Mayavati: The Story of Charlotte Sevier and Advaita Ashrama by Amrita M. Salm
by Pravrajika Vidyaprana

Wag the Dog, Maya and the Dog’s Curly Tail
Film Review and Essay by Steven F. Walker


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