by Vijali Hamilton

1 BodhisattvaEssenceI

Golden we are, sitting on our throne of bark and earth,
bathed in sunlight, smoldering in the cauldron of life.
Essence of sun and earth flows through our veins,
radiant as the child taking her first look at the world—
earth in her mouth, and mud between toes.
Source from above funnels into our body-lava
while transforming heat bubbles up from the center of earth,
cools as it meets the amber sky—and here we are,
a form unique to this planet and sky.

Where is the border of body and mind in this flow of energy?
Our wings spread, shatter the box we live in.
Our skin membrane cannot contain the universe
and explodes into radiance with fingers touching all in the moment.


See the Rainbow Bodhisattva
in the many cultures on our planet-home.
Orange, red, gold inside and out, as one flow,
arks in the sky for all to see, as we stand in awe
in the radiance of who we really are.


Fine as a spiders web, is that common denominator
running through all of life. I saw it one evening, sitting
on my mountain-top; luminous threads of connection, a filigree of light.
Perhaps Jacob saw it and we call it “Jacob’s Ladder”
as if only people in the Old Testament see ladders of light
reaching into the heavens or as far as our human eyes can see.
And perhaps this Rainbow Bodhisattva image
is that ethereal substance that sews us together into one breathing life.
The fire that burns from inside the earth our bodies,
incinerates borders, the illusory line of our skin
revealing this fine web of luminosity.
Some call it death, but I call it life!
Vijali Hamiton has dedicated her life as a peacemaker. She collaborates with diversified communities and utilizes her skills as a sculptor, filmmaker, poet, musician, and author to further this mission. Vijali started her World Wheel Project in 1986 circling the planet as she works with the arts in her quest for world peace. Email:

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