A barefooted man
Walked in front of me
With a bad limp
Pulling his empty rickshaw,
I caught up with him
And asked what happened,
In broken Bengali,
He uttered,

One Look

In one look,
You gave so much sweetness
To an old, wounded beggar,
That he felt like a prince;
I will keep your alms
Sweet one,
They will fill my hungry heart
More than food.


Without my glasses,
I can’t see Your photograph,
Without Your grace,
I can’t see You.


Pride of knowledge
Is a lance
That rends the heart.


NILEEN PUTATUNDA, a social worker in Kolkata, is also a writer of spiritual poetry. His books of poetry have been favorably reviewed in journals of the Ramakrishna Order, Sri Sarada Math, and Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

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