by Richard Simonelli

Looking Up

Good, bad, happy, sad,
many flavors, a single taste.
Realize the limitless through limitations, within limitations.
Confusion dawns as wisdom without eliminating confusion;
sorrow, negativity, anger, despair
they flicker in and out.
Single flavor, single taste,
Whole Awareness is radically unconditioned
without provisions or proviso:
only you will know
when you know
when you be.
Just beyond saying, can’t take it out,
without authentication or validation,
open to your own heart,
in your own way.

RICHARD SIMONELLI is a writer-editor working in alliance with the Native American community in North America. He studied both Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and is now a participant in Contemplative Vedanta as a member of the Interfaith Contemplative Order of Sarada.

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