image014Virtual Dream

I am a pixel.
Dancing energy potential
In Kaleidoscopic pattern.
Ever changing hologram.

I am the ocean out of which
All arises.
The wind, the rain, my breath.
Vast the screen,
Small the illusion—
Light, dark flickers of duality.

Life dances joy and sorrow,
The stories
Whirling leaves circling,
Round and round.
I am the sea of dreams,
A mirror
Reflecting stillness.
Seeing itself

I am the Pure Light
That rests in the indescribable
That is all that is.

Ground State

Beyond quiet.
No I, you, me.
All stories gone.
No patterns left.
Flow disappeared.
Awareness without feeling.
Just there.
Next Act

That which is never born,
That which never dies,
Coming into Creation
Eyes closed.
Enjoying surprises,
Leaving again.
Dancer, director, audience.
The whole show opens
Anew every moment.
Tao smiling.

Eileen Klinck, a widely traveled student of world religions, lives in Tampa, Florida. Email: EILEENMKK@GMAIL.COM

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