JusangjeollidaeTo Whom?

Who shall sing a song of the sea?
Who shall sing of waves breaking
in lines of silver on lonely shores?
Who shall shout of tides
that rise with boisterous energy?
Who shall croon of the golden moon
rolling beyond the world’s end?

Who shall cry out with
the ecstasy of dawn?
Who shall cry out with
the intensity of sunrise?
Who shall call forth when
clouds bank the evening sky
And irised bridges link
the earth with heaven?

He who knows himself a living grain
on the beaches of the universe
He who knows himself a conscious mote
in the tossing sea of infinity
He who knows himself greater than
the unseeing beauty he perceives
He who knows that beauty is completely known
only when it is completely shared.


O Thou that art
The limitless One
Let me escape from the walls
of self-righteousness and self-confidence
Which are hemming me in.
Free my mind and spirit
from the narrow confinement of my self-concern.

O Thou that art
Loving Kindness
Fill me with the spirit of
unbroken peacefulness
That I may be lifted and taken up into the
unbroken silence of Thy pure love.


Jeannette Speiden was a mountain climber, botanist, naturalist, and mother of four children. She came to Vedanta through the classes of Gerald Heard at Trabuco College in the early 1940s and afterward met Swami Bodhananda and Swami Prabhavananda. She worked tirelessly in Nevada to spread electric power and to remove hazardous material.

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