by Viswanathan Rajagopalan

Higgs Boson

Crave to see That which is beyond lenses!
Crave to taste That which is beyond linguae!
Crave to see that Light beyond elementary photons!
Crave to experience that Bliss beyond Higgs bosons!

I thank the comfort-blessing science
I thank the knowledge-blessing science – but
Can this object-driven science ever enlighten
That which is beyond objects?

Yet, the Sages and Saints claim to have known
That which is in-and-beyond matter!
That which is in-and-beyond non-matter!
How do I see that which is beyond optics?
How do I know that which is beyond logics?

May I perform a grand, life-long Experiment
May God-concept begin as a solid Hypothesis
May documented scriptures serve as Reference Citations
May those Knowers’ experiences be my Preliminary Data
May discrimination of Real versus unreal be the logical Strategy

May I perform this grand, life-long Experiment
With patience and perseverance
May body, mind and intellect serve my technical resources
Bridging finite to the Infinite

May I perform this grand, life-long Experiment
To incessantly seek the real ‘I’ – the real Truth
To indubitably experience the real ‘I’ – the real Truth
Eventually – sooner or later!

I shall seek – I hope to find
I shall ask – I hope to be given
Who is the seeker?
Who is the asker?
I shall experience – the real ‘I’
Eventually – sooner or later!

Viswanathan Rajagopalan, a seeker of the Absolute Truth, serves as Faculty at a Medical Institution in the United States conducting Biomedical Research and educating students.

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