by Subrata

Adapted from Ramakrishna’s Vision
of Vivekananda before they met


One day, my mind was soaring
Along a light-ed path
‘Round me, the gods and angels
Smiled as I sailed past
Ascending higher– and higher
And high—-er——-.

Reaching, a light-ed ceiling
Through which my mind did shoot
Bursting be-yond all limits
To The Absolute
Ascending higher and higher
And high—-er——-.

(Instrumental Interlude)

Seven sages sat before me
Calm, pure, free
From the light a child rose softly
Love, bright, sweet

Climbing in the lap, of the sage above
With a tender voice the child sang out with love

Come with me
Down to Earth

(Instrumental Interlude)

Rising from meditation and
With the child in hand
Coming to earth and spreading
Light throughout the land
They lead us higher and higher
And high—–er———

Leading us higher and higher
And High—-er——–

Leading us higher and higher
And High—-er——–


Jay Traylor (Subrata) and his wife Jeannie (Madhuri) have been Vedanta devotees since 1974. For 30 years they led the congregational singing for the San Diego Branch of the Vedanta Society of Southern California. For the past six years they have been leading the congregational singing at the Vedanta Center of Saint Petersburg in Florida.


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