by Aradhita Chattopadhyaya

The King and The Kid
(Janaka and Ashtavakra)

It was dark a night, with light very dim,
There was a boy with light within him.
The king was in dark, when he reached the kid
The king was the king of the world indeed.
The king sought to learn the Truth many fake,
“Why on earth we feel the rope to be a snake?
What makes a king rule all not his mind?
How to defeat the enemies of its kind?”

The kid said, “The mirror’s made of glass
Images seen are all within us.
There’s no inside no out, no friend no foe”
And he is free, none is left, none to let go.

The king was stunned and was struck in awe,
The thing told in books were all true he saw,
Thus a hero of sheer truth was born
The chains of bonds in the mind was torn.
Now the king became the king of his mind
And ruled the world as one of its kind
With one hand in law one hand in gold
Forever in joy, was the story untold ….


In the ocean without waves
Existence without thoughts
All mingled in One
Silence lived …….
Beyond the primordial sound
Beyond the structures or forms
Beyond the small I
Prevailed the One..
Infinite and infinitesimal
Absolute and Ever-pervading
Prevailed forever
The peace and silence of One.


Twins were born to the Absolute Father
And Infinite Mom,
One was “Right”
Another called “Wrong”.

The family of One
Grew to two and then more
From Right and Wrong
And fruits that they bore.

Infinite Mother with all her love
Asked The Father – “The two you’ve got,
Who was Right, and who was Wrong,
Remind me you, I forgot”.

The Absolute Father said, “I don’t name.
To me all are one and the same
You create space, mind and time
You made sound. words and rhyme ….
So you say whom you called
Right and whom Wrong,
You made them all
Equally strong ……

Are they anything other than you or me
But that’s how they are made to see …
The wrong notion of wrong,
And wrong notion of right
Will live till you bring all
From darkness to LIGHT”.

Thou Art

Thy beauty lies in the fragrance of jasmine,
Thy beauty lies in the colors red, blue or green.
Thou art the sight of the beholder,
Thou art the beauty which beautifies everything.
Thou art the love which sustains the world and all,
Thou art the life force which never wants to fall,
Thou art the ocean which engulfs the rivers that come,
Thou art the river – the rocks who can overcome.
Thou art the father, mother, friend guide and foe.
Thou art the seed, the tree and the one who’d sow.
Thou art the seer, the seen and the unseen,
Thou art the Mother, the universe within.


Aradhita Chattopadhyaya is pursuing a Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics at the Indian Institute of Science. Aradhita is a disciple of Sri Bhagavan, the founder and core of International Vedanta Society, Birati, West Bengal, India, from whom he learned something of Vedanta, especially Advaita Vedanta, and felt peace and bliss. She can be reached at

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