by Dharmadas (Jon Monday)

I found a teacher who knows God,
I asked how he attained that state
He replied,
By the silent repetition of the Name.

Buffeted and pained by a broken world,
I asked my teacher how to find peace
He replied,
By the constant repetition of the Name.

Seeing friends and family suffer and die,
I asked my teacher how to face tragedy.
He replied,
By the faithful repetition of the Name.

Overcome by anger and resentment,
I asked my teacher how to face the beast.
He replied,
By the humble repetition of the Name.

Experiencing deep sorrows of life,
I asked my teacher how to lift my spirits.
He replied,
By the sincere repetition of the Name.

When feeling loved and at peace,
I asked my teacher how to show gratitude.
He replied,
By the joyful repetition of the Name.

Om Shanti, shanti, shanti
Peace, peace, peace

This was inspired by the following story that Swami Prabhavananda told: 

“It was in 1912 that I visited Brindaban. I asked if there was any Vaishnava sadhu living there and was told that Swami Turiyananda used to see a certain one, known to be living in a forest nearby.”

“I decided to go and see him. A narrow path led to a clearing in the center of which stood a small hut. Soon the sadhu came outside. A disciple spread a mat for him on the ground. He seated himself on this mat, motioning me to be seated also. There was a tangible atmosphere of upliftment in this sadhu’s presence. I bowed down to him and asked him just one question: ‘Revered sir, how did you attain this state?’ He answered in just one word, ‘Nama’, the name of the Lord. I stayed for a little while silently, and then saluted him and came away.”

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