Keep on the Sunny Side

by Jay Traylor (Subrata) Jay Traylor (Subrata) and his wife Jeannie (Madhuri) have been Vedanta devotees since 1974. For 30 years they led the congregational singing of music for the San Diego Branch of the Vedanta Society of Southern California. For the past seven...

Where the Starfish Live

by Cyndi Craven © Starcraven Music-BMI Where the Starfish Live Little girl, sitting in the classroomShe hums a tune no one can hear inside her headShe looks outside, she is a thought born by the airWhen she returns she taps a foot beside her chairWhile on the board...

The Great Correction

by Eliza Gilkyson This extraordinary song was released in 2008. It may be more relevant now than it was then. Authors Naomi Klein and Charles Eisenstein, and filmmaker Michael Moore, among others, believe we are indeed at the beginning of a major, worldwide...

Child and the Sage

by Subrata

One day, my mind was soaring
Along a light-ed path
‘Round me, the gods and angels
Smiled as I sailed past
Ascending higher– and higher
And high—-er——-.

Love’s Shining Peace

by Cyndi Craven

Love’s the only gift you’re given you can’t keep
If you hide it deep inside, it goes to sleep
And I know we’ll find one day
All the things we gave away
On the road to finding Love’s Shining Peace.

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