2012 Summer: Ramakrishna’s World View

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Issue 64

American Vedantist - Issue 64Ramakrishna was not a systematic philosopher. He did not argue a consistent, rational thought structure by denying opposing points of view. His worldview was based on his direct experience of spiritual truth. The unprecedented range of his spiritual experiences led him to value and teach different approaches, according to the needs of the taught. Like a mother coaxing her children to eat by preparing different dishes according to their taste and power of digestion, he gave spiritual food to his disciples in a way that would stimulate them to practice spiritual discipline and transform their lives.

Still, there are over-arching themes that he returned to again and again. In this issue we explore some of these profound, recurring thoughts.


Ramakrishna, the Personal God, and the Problem of Suffering
Pravrajika Shuddhatmaprana

Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball
William Page

Durga Puja
Devadatta Kali

Vedanta for Agnostics
John Schlenck

James Merryman

Media Review

Review: Remembering Ramakrishna: His Words
Review by Sister Gayatriprana


Announcing an Integral Vedanta Publication


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