The Great Correction

by Eliza Gilkyson This extraordinary song was released in 2008. It may be more relevant now than it was then. Authors Naomi Klein and Charles Eisenstein, and filmmaker Michael Moore, among others, believe we are indeed at the beginning of a major, worldwide...

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Vedanta In and Beyond the College Classroom

by Barbara Brown Taylor When I began teaching world religions at Piedmont College twenty years ago, it did not take long to realize that the students and I would have to escape the classroom sooner instead of later. The maps and timelines in our textbook led us...

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The Legend of Shiwido

by Sofia P. Webber Valeria is 13 years old and is very talented with numbers, statistics — and she has a very special skill. She can communicate with animals.  Her dream is to go to the Amazon, the only place in the world where you can still see rainbows and...

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A Brief History of Vedanta in Brazil

by Luiz Antonio Souto Monteiro “… Swamiji (Siami Vivekananda) had a vision in which the banner of Sri Thakur (Ramakrishna) was being stuck on the peak of the Andes Mountains …” — M. (Mahendranath Gupta, who wrote “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna”) EARLY DAYS In 1911,...

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Recent Meetings with Yogeshanandaji

by Rita Mathew and Bhagirath Majmudar Visiting Swami Y by Rita Bhandarkar-Mathew, Athens GA Rita and Swami Yogeshanandaji Like iron filings drawn to a magnet, that’s how much I wanted to meet Swami Yogeshananda, affectionately called Swami Y by those close to...

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New Findings about Ramakrishna’s First Disciples

by Swami Yogeshananda New discoveries can be made in various ways: old libraries can turn them up.  This was proven recently when a member of the Ramakrishna Monastery (Vedanta Society of Southern California) in Trabuco Canyon, California, brought to me a slim...

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