Nataraja: The Cosmic Dancer

by Ryan NeuCollins

With his long hair whipping, he leaps and bends and twists amid a circle of flames, yet the dance movements are graceful and controlled, the facial expression tranquil. According to Khan Academy, Auguste Rodin once wrote that the sculpture known as Nataraja was the “perfect expression of rhythmic movement in the world,” …

My Experience with Vedanta

by Krishna Shetty

When the editor of this magazine asked me if I would be interested in contributing an article describing how I got introduced to, and, my experience with Vedanta, I was happy to oblige.  To accurately recollect and document the events and circumstances that led me to Vedanta and the journey is not an easy task. I would say that Providence and my past Karma must have…

Connections – Calcutta & Northampton:

by Usha Kutty Juman

As I move past the half-century mark, it begins to dawn on me that perhaps the passages of my life are not quite as disparate or accidental as I thought they were. With or without my active participation, the needle on my compass had been set with a bias toward spiritual ideas. Perhaps that sums up divine grace. We are all on the road toward Godhead, …

On First Meeting Swami Yogeshananda

by Tom Couch

There are no coincidences, but it sure felt like it, my first meeting with Swami Yogeshananda. The whole thing still feels a little odd. Even the circumstance leading up to our first meeting: a chance reference to an eastern system called Vedanta by a friend in a conversation on the nature of consciousness, my off-hand comment that I couldn’t reasonably go to India…

And Then I Left

by John Scarborough

My first contact with the Ramakrishna Order came in 1967 when Swami Vividishananda (1893-1980) of the Seattle Vedanta Society (now the Vedanta Society of Western Washington) visited our philosophy class early in the fall quarter of the freshman section of the two-year undergraduate Honors Program at Seattle University.  I was thrilled to receive our summer reading assignment: 

Stumbled into a Ramakrishna Monastery

by Nasser Behroozian

I came across Vedanta by stumbling into the Ramakrishna Monastery in Trabuco, as I have lived in Orange County for a long time. It was the early 90s. I am a Muslim. I had always been interested in the study of comparative religion, and have studied literature and western and eastern philosophy, the Gita and the Quran.

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