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He’s got the whole world in his hands

W ell, if we needed a reminder that we never know what’s coming at us around the bend, isn’t this it?! As you know, the entire world is struggling to control a major pandemic — the first in more than a century.

Like you, we’re doing our best to keep priorities straight: Staying home, keeping “the distance,” washing our hands, making an effort to flatten the curve.

Perhaps, in these trying circumstances you will have a little extra time to spend with us. We hope our contributors can offer you some moments away from the dreadful transformation unfolding around us — a soupçon of spiritual uplift, calming and sustaining.

May you and everyone you care about be well and in bright spirits,
Br. Shankara
Coordinating Editor

Issue 76

Here’s what’s in this edition:

Was Vivekananda a Pragmatist?
—an inquiry
by Asim Chaudhuri

New Findings about Ramakrishna’s First Disciples
—translated from the French
by Swami Yogeshananda

Recent Meetings with Yogeshanandaji
by Rita Mathew and Bhagirath Majmudar

A Brief History of Vedanta in Brazil
by Luiz Antonio Souto Monteiro

The Legend of Shiwido
—an introduction
by Sofia Puerta

The Vedanta Society of Southern California: Past, Present and Future
by Karl Whitmarsh

Christopher Isherwood and the Monastery, Part 2
by Anna Monday

Vedanta In and Beyond the College Classroom
by Barbara Brown Taylor

The Great Correction
—a song about transformation
by Eliza Gilkyson

by Nilotpal Sanyal, Barefoot Justine and Br. Shankara

The Healing Journey of Vedanta
—a meditation
by Sister Judith Thackray

Girish, the Divine Drunkard
—a thought experiment
by Bill Davis

A Mountain Sutra
—an instruction
by Bill Page

The Mighty Metaphor
—a hologram in prose and verse
by Russell Atkinson

Yoga for Sale
—putting the postures in their place
by Uma Majmudar

Letter to John Doe
—a crash course
by Br. Shankara

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