On First Meeting Swami Yogeshananda

by Tom Couch

There are no coincidences, but it sure felt like it, my first meeting with Swami Yogeshananda. The whole thing still feels a little odd. Even the circumstance leading up to our first meeting: a chance reference to an eastern system called Vedanta by a friend in a conversation on the nature of consciousness, my off-hand comment that I couldn’t reasonably go to India…

And Then I Left

by John Scarborough

My first contact with the Ramakrishna Order came in 1967 when Swami Vividishananda (1893-1980) of the Seattle Vedanta Society (now the Vedanta Society of Western Washington) visited our philosophy class early in the fall quarter of the freshman section of the two-year undergraduate Honors Program at Seattle University.  I was thrilled to receive our summer reading assignment: 

Stumbled into a Ramakrishna Monastery

by Nasser Behroozian

I came across Vedanta by stumbling into the Ramakrishna Monastery in Trabuco, as I have lived in Orange County for a long time. It was the early 90s. I am a Muslim. I had always been interested in the study of comparative religion, and have studied literature and western and eastern philosophy, the Gita and the Quran.

Getting Sidetracked: A Cautionary Tale

by William Page

Devotees in the Ramakrishna tradition will be familiar with the rosary, or mala. This is a string of beads we use to keep track of how many times we chant the mantra when doing japa. Since the rosary has 108 beads, plus a head bead, one round of the rosary constitutes 108 repetitions. If you think about it, the rosary embodies some nice symbolism.

The Interfaith – Interspiritual Circle

by Richard Simonelli

Some faith traditions or organized religions are inherently interfaith or interspiritual in their intention. Most, however, tend to be separating or “one way” approaches – “my way or the highway.” The interfaith-friendly ways don’t necessarily encourage people to take a-little from here and a-little-from-there as eclectics or even as dilettantes.

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