Four Contemplations

by Peter Venable

within my screen-in back porch—
a bright-billed Cardinal fed
her chirping and chirping juvenile chick,
who zoomed after her into a spruce.

Four Poems

by Aradhita Chattopadhyaya

The King and The Kid
(Janaka and Ashtavakra)

It was dark a night, with light very dim,
There was a boy with light within him.
The king was in dark, when he reached the kid
The king was the king of the world indeed.

Holy Mary, Pray for Us

by Archarya Swami Lotus

Sixty years ago, a litany to Mary and a fifty-four day Novena were the only things bringing solace to a desperate teen. When both unexpectedly made a re-appearance last fall I was, rather than desperate, full to the brim with grace and gratitude. It seems the prayers took a long time to ripen, but ripen they did.

The Highest Ideal

by Nalini (Edith Tipple)

I can hear him now,
my small and loving but fiery Bengali guru,
raising his voice for unequivocal direction:
“Keep your mind on your highest Ideal!”

Prayer For Future Beings

by Joanna Macy

You live inside us, beings of the future.
In the spiral ribbons of our cells, you are here.
In our rage for the burning forests, the poisoned
fields, the oil drowned seals, you are here. You
beat in our hearts through late night meetings.

It Doesn’t Matter

by Bill Davis

After 43 years of marriage I wanted to live a
Monastic life.
So God in his wisdom placed me in a convent.

Before, I lived with my wife’s critical comments and
Fought with her.

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