Lion of the Spirit

by Br. Shankara

I don’t roar much, do I?
Though I’m told time and again
I am a lion of the spirit,
I don’t want to hear it.

I shy away from wilderness

The Grand Experiment

By Viswanathan Rajagopalan.

Crave to see That which is beyond lenses!
Crave to taste That which is beyond linguae!
Crave to see that Light beyond elementary photons!
Crave to experience that Bliss beyond Higgs bosons!

Three Poems by Eileen Klinck

Virtual Dream I am a pixel. Dancing energy potential Blinking/Replaced In Kaleidoscopic pattern. Ever changing hologram. I am the ocean out of which All arises. The wind, the rain, my breath. Vast the screen, Small the illusion— Light, dark flickers of duality. Life...

Essence of Sun and Earth

by Vijali Hamilton I Golden we are, sitting on our throne of bark and earth, bathed in sunlight, smoldering in the cauldron of life. Essence of sun and earth flows through our veins, radiant as the child taking her first look at the world— earth in her mouth, and mud...

Two Poems by Judith, Hermit of Sarada

Mother Moose Some days I feel as happy as a Mother Moose— with her face as long as the day, and her eyes as wide as the sky: on those days I feel free and untrammeled, footloose, like her when her baby has finally struck out on its own; because you just never know,...

Four Poems by Nileen Putatunda

Pain A barefooted man Walked in front of me With a bad limp Pulling his empty rickshaw, I caught up with him And asked what happened, In broken Bengali, He uttered, “Pain.” One Look In one look, You gave so much sweetness To an old, wounded beggar, That he felt like a...

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