A Lion Waits

When I was young, I dreamt at the speed of light.
I was faster than the wind and quicker than the lightning flash.


By Cliff Johnson My guru, Swami Prabhavananda, was a direct disciple of Maharaj, as Swami always referred to Swami Brahmananda. In fact, in the more than twenty-five years that I knew Swami he never referred to his guru by any other name. And though Swami Brahamananda was known throughout the order as Maharaj, when Swami used it the name seemed to be given a special warmth and respectful familiarity…

Swami Brahmananda (Rakhal)

Sri Ramakrishna recognized Rakhal as his “spiritual son.” Ramakrishna said of him, “Know that Rakhal has intense renunciation. His father is rich; he does not go to him. He lives here, gathers fuel from the woods, and cooks his simple food.”

2010 Spring-Summer: Swami Vivekananda and America

Swamiji’s Vision of Vedanta; “Scenes from the Great Summer” (a play); A Western Take on the Teachings of Swami Vivekananda; Swami Vivekananda and Liberation Theology; Spirituality vs. Materialism: East vs. West?; Parliament of the World’s Religions, Melbourne 2009; What do you believe Swamiji envisioned as the future of Vedanta in this country? …

Review: When Jesus Lived in India

This book explores the theory that Jesus Christ visited India, a notion that first surfaced toward the end of the 19th century and has since become popular among Indophiles, occultists, and New Agers.

I Saw You

I saw you early this morning
in your dark blue work shirt…

Breaker of This World’s Chain

Breaker of this world’s chain, we adore Thee, whom all men love.
Spotless, taking man’s form, O Purifier, Thou art above the gunas three,
Knowledge divine, not flesh; Thou whom the cosmos wears, a diamond at its heart.

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