2017-2018 Winter: Spiritual Life: How Do I Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing in These Turbulent Times?

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Transitions AV 72Issue 72

Getting Sidetracked: A Cautionary Tale
A personal reflection by William Page

The Highest Ideal
A poem on her guru’s abiding power
by Nalini (Edith Tipple)

The Interfaith – Spiritual Circle
A template for embracing the value of all ways of the Spirit by Richard Simonelli

For Personal Liberation and the Welfare of the World
A meditation by Patrick Horn

Prayer For Future Beings
A poem of reconnection by Joanna Macy

An Avatar’s Dictionary
An introduction to Sri Ramakrishna’s use of English by Dhruva (Bill Gootjes)

Sarada Devi Joins Sri Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar
A play by Bill Davis

The Easter Prayer of an American HinJew: More Sugar, Please
Corrections to a familiar Easter story by Anna Monday with Jon Monday

It Doesn’t Matter
A poem of gratitude and levitation by Bill Davis

Lion of the Spirit
A poem about transformation by Br. Shankara

Mahatma-to-be and the Mahatma-maker:
Gandhi and Rajchandra, Part 2

An excerpt from her new book by Uma Majmudar (part 1 ran in AV #71)

How Well Do You Know Yoga?
A brief definition of Raja Yoga by Br. Shankara

New Material for the Swami Vidyatmananda Archive
An alert by Anna Monday

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