Sri Sarada Devi Joins Sri Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar

by Bill Davis

Narrator: Sri Sarada Devi Joins Sri Ramakrishna at Dakshineswar. A one-act play in five scenes. This play is based on historical fact and some of the conversations come directly from the biographies. However, many are products of the author’s imagination. The author has strived to make them true to the spirit of the actual facts. In Scene One, the village …

The Easter Prayer of an American HinJew: More Sugar, Please

Anna Monday with Jon Monday

Sri Ramakrishna observed that the scriptures are a mixture of sugar and sand and that it is, moreover, up to us to discriminate, to take the sugar and leave the sand. Often, identifying the sand is easy because it‘s just so boring, but sometimes it harbors unhelpful or even harmful notions—outmoded social mores, refuted pseudo-science, quack medicine.

It Doesn’t Matter

by Bill Davis

After 43 years of marriage I wanted to live a
Monastic life.
So God in his wisdom placed me in a convent.

Before, I lived with my wife’s critical comments and
Fought with her.

Lion of the Spirit

by Br. Shankara

I don’t roar much, do I?
Though I’m told time and again
I am a lion of the spirit,
I don’t want to hear it.

I shy away from wilderness

Mahatma-to-be and the Mahatma-maker: 
Gandhi and Rajchandra – Part 2

by Uma Majmudar

In the previous issue (AV #71) we talked about a rare rapport between Mohandas Gandhi and Shrimad Rajchandra — a multi-talented young Jain businessman-cum-a precocious poet who was, above all, a “mumukshu” — an ardent seeker after truth with an irrepressible yearning for God, for self-realization and moksha or liberation from…

How Well Do You Know Yoga?

by Br. Shankara

Perhaps you have been practicing Hatha Yoga for some time, with a qualified teacher. You know a flexible routine of poses (asanas), and you have gained the physical poise and sense of inner balance that are two wonderful fruits of your practice. Yet, there is much more to learn about the great tradition of which Hatha Yoga is a part.

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