2014-2015 Fall-Winter: Spiritual Life in Context

Issue 69 Religion and spirituality are more easily understood in the context of lives that have been lived. Even lives that are less than perfect can shed light and give helpful hints for the spiritual journey. In this issue we share accounts and reminiscences of...

2014 Spring-Summer: Spirituality in Poetry and Fiction

Issue 68 From ancient times, spiritual culture has been largely transmitted through poetry and storytelling. Didactic religious prose didn’t even arise until the Axial Age, c. 900—300 B.C.E. And even then poetry and storytelling continued to be important vehicles for...

2014 Winter: Approaches to the Divine

Issue 67 This issue of American Vedantist explores some of the paths that spiritual aspirants have trod in quest of fulfilment. Jon and Anna Monday show how J.D. Salinger’s connection to Vedanta was little known prior to a recent biography that highlights the...

2013 Spring-Summer-Fall: Celebrating the Yogas

The Sanskrit word yoga means both union with the divine and the means to attain that union. Over the millennia, many kinds of spiritual discipline evolved and were called yogas. Swami Vivekananda codified these numerous paths and practices under four headings, corresponding to basic personality types: for the emotional, Bhakti-Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion; for the active, Karma-Yoga, the Yoga of Unselfish Work; for the intellectual, Jnana-Yoga, the Yoga of Discriminating Knowledge; and for the meditative, Raja-Yoga, the Yoga of Mind-Control. In this issue of American Vedantist, we highlight each of these approaches in turn.

2012-2013 Fall-Winter: Swami Vivekananda 150th Birth Anniversary

American Vedantists owe an unpayable debt of gratitude to Swami Vivekananda. If he had not come to the United States, our lives would be entirely different and far poorer. The message he taught and the life he lived have given immeasurable meaning and purpose to our lives. But the debt owed to Vivekananda is far greater than that of his individual followers or any individual country.

2012 Summer: Ramakrishna’s World View

Ramakrishna, the Personal God, and the Problem of Suffering | Keeping Our Eyes on the Ball | Durga Puja | Vedanta for Agnostics | Freedom | Review: Remembering Ramakrishna: His Words | Announcing an Integral Vedanta Publication

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