2014 Spring-Summer: Spirituality in Poetry and Fiction

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Issue 68

From ancient times, spiritual culture has been largely transmitted through poetry and storytelling. Didactic religious prose didn’t even arise until the Axial Age, c. 900—300 B.C.E. And even then poetry and storytelling continued to be important vehicles for communicating spiritual ideas. They engage the imagination and express truths that are often inaccessible to the rational mind. In this issue, American Vedantist celebrates contemporary spiritual poetry and fiction.

Poetry and Articles

Essence of Sun and Earth
Vijali Hamilton

Two Poems by Judith, Hermit of Sarada
Judith, Hermit of Sarada

The Honey Doctrine
Russell Atkinson

Four Poems by Nileen Putatunda
Nileen Putatunda

Two Poems by Edith Tipple
Edith Tipple

The Magical Mirror of Kuan Yin Pusa
William Page

A Poem by Anna Monday
Anna Monday

The Word god
Russell Atkinson

The Last Letter of Pontius Pilate
Steven F. Walker

Looking Up
Richard Simonelli

Three Poems by Eileen Klinck
Eileen Klinck

Dark Knowledge
Russell Atkinson

Two Poems by Jeannette Speiden
Jeannette Speiden

A Variation on the Cow Killer Story
Bill Davis

A Poem by Dillon Ross
Dillon Ross

First Light
Russell Atkinson


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